Yes. In order to integrate the alerts feeds into RSS feed readers (e.g. Feedly), please go to the “Manage” tab of your Alerts account, then click on the RSS icon in front of the alert in order to copy its URL, and paste it as a new source into your feed reader, same way you would add any new source.

If you wish to integrate all of your alerts at once, please click on the master RSS icon that is in the title bar to get the right feed URL, and paste it as a new source into your feed reader.


  1. Julie Hong

    Hello Alessandra,

    Thank you for your interest in Talkwalker Alerts!

    In order to integrate the alerts feeds into Feedly, please go to the Manage tab of your Alerts account, then click on the RSS icon in front of the alert in order to copy its URL, and paste it as a new source into Feedly, same way you would add any other source on Feedly.

    Please let me know if you still encounter a problem and have a great day!


  2. Mike T

    Would it be possible to have the full URL to the feed exported with the export function on the manage page? This would allow me to import feeds to my feed reader quickly, rather than one at a time.

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Mike,

      I apologize for my late reply. In order to import all feeds at once on your feed reader, please first go to the Manage tab, then click on the RSS icon in the title row of your alerts table, instead of the RSS icon in front of each alerts.

      Please let me know if it goes alright for you!

      Best Regards,


      1. Jane

        Hi Julie,

        When I click on the RSS logo in the title row, it goes to a page that says: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

        Is that supposed to happen? If so, where is the URL for my alerts? If not, what should I do?


        1. Julie Hong

          Hello Jane!

          This is related to the browser you use. For example, users of Google Chrome have that message displayed but it does not prevent them from getting the feed URL in the address bar, that is correct.
          You can simply copy the URL of that page.



      2. Andrew

        I tried this as well and it looks as if when I click the “all feeds” RSS link it creates a GIANT RSS feed with all my alerts in it. I am looking for a way to import all my feeds into my RSS reader but with all having separate feeds.

        I have 90+ feeds and it would be very annoying to have to enter each feed into the reader individually.

        1. Julie Hong

          Hello Andrew,

          At the moment, it is unfortunately not possible to integrate each alert on your feed reader separately without having to do so one by one.
          We only offer to integrate them all in one feed with the master RSS icon in the title bar.

          However, we will discuss about it internally as it is a very interesting case.

          Thanks for your insights,


      3. Nick w

        Hi Julie,

        Am I right in thinking that if you do this for all your feeds it aggregates them all into one RSS feed rather than keeping them separated out by query? I’d really like to keep them each separate for ease of following/reading. Guessing that still need to be done 1 by 1?

        Also – I’ve attempted to add two TW alerts (to start off with) into Feedly via the copy/paste URL function you advise but there are no results showing up. How long does it usually take to pull in results for a new query?

        Finally: Wouldn’t it be easier to offer a direct integration to Feedly upon a left click on the RSS button? Saves all the copy pasting and would just be a smoother process. This is probably an obvious improvement and I would assume it must be on the roadmap somewhere…

        1. Julie Hong

          Hello Nick,

          At the moment, it is currently not possible to integrate each alert on your feed reader separately without having to do so one by one.
          We only offer to integrate them all in one feed with the master RSS icon in the title bar.

          The time needed to get the first alert depends on when your keywords show up on the web. For more generic keywords, new results are published oftenly, therefore the feed is filled in more quickly.

          Your advice is very much appreciated, I will definitely provide your feedback to the IT team.

          Have a great day!


          1. Bryan

            Hello Julie and team,
            I was checking to see if there is any IT update on being able to take all the feeds from TalkWalker and import into Feedly as separate feeds, rather than one mega feed? I have 100 alerts, and prefer not to import all 100 individually into Feedly, but if there is no timeframe on when this will be supported by TalkWalker, I will proceed. Please advise- thanks!

  3. Steve Reynolds

    I ran into trouble adding talkwalker alert feeds into feedly. I opened feedly’s ‘add content’ feature and then searched and found the TW alert feed URL I wanted. Hit the ‘+’ button next to the feed to bring up the ‘add new source’ tool. Then tried to place the feed into a feedly category. The alert was added to the designated category, but in the process a several equal signs (“=”) were added to the end of the URL. Articles from the alert feed failed to load properly after that occured and feedly threw up a message saying that there was no content to display (which was obviously wrong). After trying the same thing several times, I finally subscribed to the alert without immediately placing it into a feedly category. The articles in the feed loaded properly and I was able to use feedly’s ‘Organize” tool to place it into a category without breaking it.

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Steve,

      I apologize for my late reply. Feedly is a great solution and usually works well. I have just tried going through the same process as you this morning and it seems to work well now.

      However it is great to hear that you found another solution!


  4. Mathieu

    Hi Julie,

    I am able to add sources in feedly without any issues. However, when I close my feedly and reopen it in a new tab the feeds have disapeered. Do you know how we can remedy this?


  5. Mark

    I set up an account and replied to the confirmation email.

    I’d like to add RSS search results to Feedly. But, when I click on the RSS icon in talkwalker I get the following message:

    “No results are available as alert has not yet been executed. Rss Feed results will be available as soon as alert has been executed.”

    How exactly do I “execute” the alert?

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Mark,

      An alert is “executed” when there is at least one result retrieved and sent by Talkwalker Alerts. As it is the case for you now, you should be able to integrate the alerts in Feedly without any problem.

      Please let me know if it goes alright!


    1. Julie Hong

      Hello René,

      Welcome to Talkwalker Alerts!
      By “no results”, do you mean you have never received any results in the RSS feed? Did you receive any by email?
      If you have set up your alerts and account correctly, then you should be able to receive alerts, as there were results in the Preview functionality.
      Do not hesitate to provide us more details about your issue such as the email address of your Talkwalker Alerts account, so we can have a closer look at your case.

      Finally, it’s also possible that you have to wait for mentions to appear on the web first.

      Let me know how it goes,


  6. Anonymous

    I have created an alert that displays 20 items when I open the RSS feed in Firefox. However, when I try to add it to Feedly, it claims that there are no results no matter how many times I refresh it. Why might this be occurring? Thanks!

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Ariel,

      I have tried to reproduce your issue, but however it seems to work fine for me: you should have gotten 4 results today, 2 yesterday, 2 the day before, etc.
      I have sent you by email the URL I retrieved from your feed, maybe you could try integrating that one into Feedly?


  7. Sarah

    I’m having a similar problem to Steve, but I have not found a workaround.

    When I right click the RSS icon to get the RSS feed for an alert, the URL has four %3D (which would be an = sign) at the end. My RSS reader does not recognize this as a valid feed. I have tried manually changing %3D to the = symbol, and that doesn’t work. I have tried deleting those four instances of %3D, and that doesn’t work.

    When I click on the RSS icon and am taken to the option to subscribe via Feedly (or other readers), I am taken to a 404 page where the %3D’s are all changed to %253D’s in the URL. (I don’t use Feedly as my main reader, but thought that if I could subscribe via Feedly, I could determine the correct link to then copy into my RSS reader.)

    I am unable to determine what the actual RSS link should be in order to copy it into my RSS reader, and the link given on my Alerts page doesn’t seem to work in anything I try. How can I determine the proper RSS link?


  8. Sarah

    UPDATE: Well, despite my feed reader claiming the feeds weren’t valid when I tried to add them, results are now showing up. (The fees with %3D at the end four times.) So I guess my solution was to just ignore the error message, wait, and within an hour, they were running.

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Sarah,

      So glad to see that somehow, it worked for you ;) It seems that Feedly has some trouble integrating new sources correctly these days, but it is still a great tool so it all works out well eventually.
      Do not worry about the four %3D, I also have that for my alerts feeds!

      Do not hesitate to let me know if something else like this happens though,


    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Jason,

      This is not a bug. Depending on the topic, articles usually get syndicated across a network of other websites, independently from Talkwalker.
      Our tool sends all results found for specific reasons (e.g. journalists want to monitor where their articles end up being distributed).
      However, we will take this into consideration in the development of the product.

      Thank you for understanding,


      1. Emre

        I receive a ‘never sent’ remark on alerts page following my two or three new topic entries: any problems ?

          1. Emre

            Thanks Julie.

            What I search for were names (people); and can see lots of results on the preview. Also, after clicking on rss button on alerts page and going to the page where one copy and paste the rss feed on the address bar, results are visible. However I still do not see them on the reader (Feedly).

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Dumon!

      If there are interesting results with the Preview functionality for your alert, it means that it was written correctly.
      However you need to wait for the feed to be “fed” with results before seeing anything on Feedly (the feed cannot be empty).
      In the “Manage” tab of your account, you can see that results for your query haven’t been sent yet (“Jamais”).

      Please let me know if you still encounter the issue after that “Jamais” changes to a date.

      Have a good day!


    2. Emre

      Seeing your response to Dumon, checked whether my alerts now have a sent date (did not before for 24 or so hours) and they do.

      Still no results; whereas, in my early alerts there were results instantly as created them.

  9. Jessica Bosari

    Do you have plans to create a way to export an opml file to include all feeds and transfer them to a reader? Seems like an easy solution to the issue those with a lot of feeds are having…

    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Jessica,

      Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment but it could make sense in the future.

      Kind regards

  10. christian mcgowan

    my url code wont let me post my feeds and talkwalker said its not available until all feeds have been executed how long will this take???? Christian

    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Christian,

      I checked your account and all the data seems fine and the last alerts have been send the 06.08.2013.
      If your issue still persists, could you please send me some details about your setup and about the url code that won’t let you post your feeds.

      Thank you in advance

      Kind regards

  11. Jennifer

    I’m pulling Talkwalker alerts into Digg Reader. The day I set up the alerts, everything was working fine and Digg pulled in many articles. But since then, none of the alerts have shown any results in Digg. What could the problem be?

    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Jennifer,

      As for the delay, if you see the results in our rssfeed, and they are missing at Digg’s site, then that’s an issue on Digg’s site. They don’t seem to update the feeds often enough.
      If the entries are there on our side in the rssfeed, then it’s Digg’s issue, since they haven’t requested it.
      Try to contact them to update our feeds more often (e.g. every 30 minutes?)

      Kind regards

  12. Katherine

    Hello, I have the feeling, if I integrate Talkwalker RSS Feed to Feedly, it will only display results coming from the section ‘News’, but will not display for example results from the section ‘Discussions’ or ‘blogs’ and so on.
    Is that right? And is there a way to get all the results through RSS Feed?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Katherine,

      We deliver everything that’s News, Blogs and Discussions.
      Please check your configuration.

      Kind regards

  13. Carol

    Hello Julie.

    I get the following message after I have created an alert

    “No results are available as alert has not yet been executed. Rss Feed results will be available as soon as alert has been executed.”


  14. Kenneth Holland


    My alerts have stopped updating as of 8-6. Someone on Twitter said they would look into it but never got back to me.

    I know other people I’ve communicated with are having the same issue.


  15. Jennifer

    Twitterfeed says an RSS feed must have time/date validation (for each item, I think) to be acceptable (so it can sort and delete doubles). It won’t accept a TalkWalker RSS feed, so is it in the works, or something we can look forward to?

  16. PD

    My email inbox is getting bombarded–not fault of Talkwalker–yet I want real-time alerts during the day without the email “ping” interruption and the anxiety-inducing “exponential, unread email count” (I’m sure many users here can relate).

    Is there a way to only have just the RSS feeds WITHOUT having the email delivery?

    Can I feed the alert results solely to a client like RSSOwl WITHOUT the inbox emails?

    This is a good product. It would be terrible to have to curtail its use because it’s too effective.

    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Maher,

      Are you interested in a Talkwalker or Talkwalker Alerts account?

      Thank you in advance.

      Kind regards

          1. Maher

            I’m sorry I think that there were a misunderstood, what i want is a login and a password to log in Talkwalker

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