Simply create an alert on the start page and we will send you all the login details by email!


  1. Julie Hong

    Bonjour Bruno, et merci de votre intérêt pour Talkwalker Alerts!
    Un nouveau mot de passe vous a été envoyé par e-mail. Veuillez me tenir au courant si le problème persiste toujours.

    1. Julie Hong

      Dear Oleksandr,

      Welcome to Talkwalker! For a company such as yours, I believe you would be very interested in the API we offer for the full social media monitoring solution (in which the Alerts are one functionality).

      I will send your more information by e-mail today.

      Best Regards,


  2. Thilo Richard

    I do not get any confirmation email for login. I tried to resend the email 3 times, but never get one.

    1. Julie Hong

      Hello Richard,

      Could you please provide us with the email address you use for Talkwalker Alerts?
      No pending account is associated with the Gmail address you have provided here, so I cannot check on your behalf.


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