That is an easy one.

  1. Enter a query that interests you. 
    ​It can be your name between brackets, your company’s principal products’ brands, or your competitors’ brand. It can be straightforward, but you can also be creative.
  2. Talkwalker Alerts will regularly check for you if there are new results for your query on the web.
    Meanwhile, you can continue your usual activities, we have this covered for you.
  3. If there are any new results, Talkwalker Alerts sends them to you by e-mail.
    That’s it.


  1. Heather

    I’m finally getting talkwalker alerts to integrate into feedly, but there is a HUGE delay, anywhere from 3 hours to NINE hours this morning.

    I’m really sorry, but as a journalist, a NINE HOUR delay in getting new alerts is simply unacceptable.

    Do you have a way to fix this issue?

    Many thanks in advance.



    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Heather,

      As for the delay, if you see the results in our rssfeed, and they are missing at Feedly’s site, then that’s an issue on Feedly’s site. They don’t seem to update the feeds often enough.
      If the entries are there on our side in the rssfeed, then it’s Feedly’s issue, since they haven’t requested it.
      Try to contact them to update our feeds more often (e.g. every 30 minutes?)

      Kind regards

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