First, click on “Create Alert” to have another e-mail sent to you.
If this still does not work, you will need to examine the settings of your e-mail account.
In some cases, the e-mail can fall into the junk mail folder, or even be automatically deleted from your junk folder, depending on how your settings are saved.

To avoid such cases, please go to the Options or Settings or your e-mail program, and save as a safe sender.


    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Starmk,

      Please try to create once more an alert to create your account and than you should receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox.

      Kind regards

  1. Carlos

    The only confirmation e-mail email i received was to validate my email address.

    I also didn’t receive confirmation e-mails and I check also Spam and junk folder I didn’t get anything.

    I have created numerous alerts and even edited them to make sure.

    - Carlos

  2. Fred

    I’ve set up some alerts but half of them show ‘not executed’ and yet they were set up a few days ago and are for popular terms. Even those that are set up seem to be stuck and only showing material from earlier today even though they are set to as it happens.

    Why would these feeds be stuck on ‘not executed’?

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