This is a very good question. Please read our answer carefully:

First of all, nobody can be certain of Google Alerts’ future. Surely not after Google Reader’s death.
Then, if you have paid attention to the latest concerns raised by social media experts, Google Alerts’ quality of service has decreased over the past months… How can we let users continue to get less alerts while we have the technology to bring a reliable alerting solution to all individuals and companies?

It took us 2 minutes to find articles like these:

The Talkwalker search engine detects much more, and more relevant results than Google News, Google Blog and Google Discussion does for all of our test cases. Please feel free to test Talkwalker Alerts to see for yourself.


  1. Martin


    Congratulation. I used Google Alert many years and I trusted their alerts. Since I use Talwalker and Google Alert I can compare and realized that I get Talkwalker results each day, bur no results form Google Alert.

    Even when my search termes are on very important newspaper sites Google doesn’t send me alerts.

    Check it out yourself. Write a posting somewhere including your search termes.

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