Google’s Spring Cleaning has plunged their products lives in uncertainty. Who can be positive that Google Alerts will stay in the near future?

What we know is that Talkwalker Alerts provides more, and more relevant results:

  • The content and information extraction algorithms are more ‘sophisticated’, in the sense that the product can provides a clear source distinction between News, Blogs and Forums, enhancing the results’quality.
  • You can easily filter results by language and set up alerts for multiple languages.
  • The Talkwalker Alerts are constantly extended based on your feature requests.


  1. Jeff Reed

    So far a lot of my results are returning links that have absolutely nothing to do with the keyword that the alert is far. That makes me look bad when I share the results with other people. So far the answer that I got was that the links are picked automatically. I don’t care, I just want them to be right. Are there any plans to fix this?

    1. Talkwalker Support

      Dear Jeff,

      Could you please send me some examples and the search query’s for these examples.

      Thank you in advance

      Kind regards

  2. Tom Conley

    I’m glad that a serious rival to google has arrived, but until you develop an algorithm that can stop repeat stories syndicated across as many as 30 news sites, the alert results will remain too cumbersome to be an effective rival to google news alerts.

    I look forward to you fixing this problem but until you do I will have to continue to use google news alerts.

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