1. Please let us remind you that Talkwalker Alerts is a fully free alerting service.
  2. But not only. It is a fully reliable solution resulting from our own robust technology. And it controls the data collection process with an outstanding accuracy, rapidity and coverage.
  3. Users get high quality and relevant results – that is the power of having a brilliant team of engineers specialized in crawling, information extraction, aggregation and search engines.
  4. Relevant results’ mean that duplicates, spam and irrelevant results are automatically removed.
  5. Your feedback is must appreciated and welcome! This is a 100% customer-centric alerting tool: we can add features on request anytime, just contact us.


  1. Emilie Richards

    So far I’m getting mostly junk alerts from Talkwalker, most notably spam from youtube sites with no connection to me, etc. You don’t seem to be able to filter out spam with lists of names for search engines to grab from real results. Despite what you say in your info here, Google alerts did not send me spam, and I’ve signed up for Mention and got five really good results immediately, all relevant and real and none of them that you’d sent me.

    So, my question? I would very much like to find a way to filter out the junk on Talkwalker, but there seems to be no possible way to do so. For instance, it would be lovely to tell you not to include Youtube. Am I missing something?

    1. Talkwalker Support


      We will improve the result list (also grouping related results together) in the next version in about 2 months.


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