Talkwalker Alerts will send you an alert by e-mail at the frequency you have initially chosen. You will be able to see the total number of posts found and access the top 10 most relevant posts, i.e. the ones you should pay more attention to.


  1. Dumon

    I’ve imported several alerts but there is a problem in the rss file. When I clic on it, there is written: ”

    Aucun résultat n’est disponible car votre alerte n’est pas encore lancée. Le flux RSS sera disponible dès que l’alerte aura été lancée.

    It’s mean: No result is available because your alert hasn’t been launched. The rss file will be available when the alert will be launch.

    Ok, but how I launch the alert??

  2. Julie Hong

    Hi again Dumon,

    Your alert is launched as soon as there are new results with your keywords appearing on the web. Once you get results then you will be able to integrate the alerts in Feedly.

    Thanks for understanding!


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